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Mid Mon Valley Transit Authority


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Charleroi, Washington County Pennsylvania


Finnally managed to ride another TA other than PAT! lol anywho went to Washington yesterday via MMVTA of coarse I thought I had missed the bus I planned on getting but he actually came late (210pm) had Bus #457 those RTS' actually dont ride as bad as I thought they would unfortunantly the bus got PACKED along the way I was surprised because everytime I see those buses they have filled seats never a full house (free rides must of gotten out to everybody)


we basically stayed along the Library line most of the way by the time South Park hit thats when everything started changing well in my case all these farms and cornfields caught me by surprise (I dont get to see that stuff everyday) it was a very very very very LOOOOOONNNNNNG ride to Charleroi basically was a greyhound ride on an RTS lol plenty of diffrent towns to see like Donora, monessen and a place with a pool called mineral beach? (Finleyville) lol. anywho heres some pics from the New North Charleroi Transit Center:



When I got off I looked around a little bit the transit center is so nice and clean! I'll explain later.


This is actually the Bus me and some friends of mine got to see inside and out this guy gets this bus everyday (Assigned to them since they do have name tags inside)...#458 heading Pittsburgh Bound.


something you dont get to see everyday a 35ft Baby RTS on the Green Line, there was 3 people at the TC waiting for this route..runs about every during the weekdays both Phantoms and RTS run this line.


Little 472 taking off for its next stop along 5th street.


this is sort of their version of the STV they really arn't bad vehicles here this particular one was running the Red Line if I can remember and are somewhat newer to the Fleet I could of actually rode this route because it came back due to the fact that it loops around in Northern Charleroi and heads to speers and all that stuff next time I will for sure.


since nothing was due my way yet I decided to head inside to look around more..the layout of the building is great! Bathrooms water fountains schedules racks...even some Historic memobralia in a display case, the most cool thing about it was they had transit magazine (basically whats going on in the Transt Industry Buses...systems) so I sat down for a little bit to stay out the hot sun a guy comes out and ask me if I needed anything, I tell him not really comes to find out its Mr. Marc Roncone from Department of Marketing and Planning! this man was a great help because he emailed me all the information I needed to get out that way and check things out...in honor of my arrival he gave me a momento (see pics) which was a nice little seat cushion that had "The New Mid Mon Valley" on it.


I also got a look behind the scenes at the offices and conference room and I must say this place was awesome! well organized, clean and the people there are very friendly once again thanks to Mr. Roncone for showing me around the place and how MMVTA is ran...he did offer to show me the garage but I didnt have enough time and I didnt want to chance it by missing my bus...heres more pics:


my Souveneir's (Schedules of coarse) and the seating pad he gave me a Coffee mug also which is also pretty neat.


this is a general shot I took of the charleroi transit center located right in the middle of McKean Ave...this McKeesport Transportation center has nothing on this place! it may be small but its much more decent than what PAT has to offer lol. If you look closely at the right on the hill is a Small Park And Ride lot they have...theres also one being built over in Donora right now.


#463 hauling passengers home after taking a long trip from Pittsburgh.


coming home my bus was #462 driver seemed pretty cool (he kinda reminded me of a friend of mine lol) I say that because everyone knew him or whatever and he talked and played around most of the way there was about maybe 5 of us on board most of the way isn't much but it beats the crowded 457 coming from town!


what I also liked about this sytem....


Slide Windows! ah man that breeze felt so great no A/C was needed for this ride the DD50 that bus had was realling humming (felt like a nova and a Flx mixed toghether) all in all the trip was great and it was definantly worth it...i'm kinda mad I didnt get to see a phantom but thats alright because they have Gillig Low Floors on order and it'll be something diffrent the next time. I'll definantly be back that way sometime soon just to check things out.


Again, just wanna give a quick thanks to Marc Roncone-director of Marketing and Planning and the kind folks at MMVTA for the warm welcome I'll sure be back to check it out again!

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