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Enough sims, I want a video game!


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Im kinda getting a little tired with BVE and trainz simulators. Instead of having sims, how about the MTA or anyone else create a computer game that includes all train lines and routes and includes the 2nd avenue subway and the east side extension. if i had what i needed in order to make this, i would probably do it =). so i was thinking about something like this:


You have the start up screen and then options come down


Quick Route: You click on this then you go to the next screen which shows all the subway routes. You choose which route you want, which type of train you want (R16, R68, R110, R160B, etc.). Then you drive until you get bored.


Career Mode: You start off as a n00b working for the New York City Transit ((NYCT)). Then you become a construction worker. Then a signal expert. I am not sure about this...but maybe you start off as a worker directing people and tourists and as time goes on, you become a construction worker. Then a signal expert. After a while, you become a T/O, then move all the way up to CEO/Head Guy where you make all the calls.


CEO Mode: You start off as the CEO. You do everything the CEO does; promote and demote, drive trains (which the CEO doesnt do, but it is fun), retire trains, buy new trains and test them, ride in trains, fix stations, and make your own extensions. You also get to choose what models run on what routes.



The (N) should all be R68's

The (A) should all be R142's

The (T) should all be R179's


Then as more passengers use your subway, you get more money to increase your budget and upgrade trains.


Free Mode: You make up your routes, train models, etc. Even create your own passengers, unique horn sounds, announcements, etc.



So any ideas/comments/questions/concerns on my NYCT (V)I(D)(E)O (G)(A)(M)(E)

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What you're describing is a simulation. What you're looking for is a complete NYC Subway simulation where nothing has to put together. A simulation where its ready to run with cars and stations. It will probably never happen but you never know.

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For the "managerial" aspects try Railroad Tycoon 3 or Sid Meier's Railroads...it's not the subway but you can purchase car orders, set routes, reroute, acquire property, expand, etc.


NYCT has its own simulator not available to the public...


also i dont think you'd get a "career mode" that would give out too much sensitive info dont ya think?

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Releasing a game thats actually BASED on an actual metro or commuter system would be so...so bad. Imagine if the information fell into the wrong hands, who knows what might happen

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If you want it to happen, I suggest you begin to learn how to program. I doubt the MTA would do such a thing, and it would sell horribly too (how many people actually want this, we're a relatively small group of fans you know). I'd buy it, I'd even work on it (if I was good enough), and I'd certainly love it, but I doubt this will ever happen.

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