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Fresh Pond

Old Random Stuff...

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Didn't really take any new pics, so enjoy these old ones from over the years...
























and the newest youtube video i uploaded..



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ok buddy boy but please shed some light on these mystery goods you've uploaded,Starting with 1303 and 0010wtf:):tup:new mystery number Fuxxxery:)


1303 was the happy face bus and 0010 is the phoenix

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Nice looking shots, 1303 brings back memories. I know I was in the minority, but I loved the Designlines. God knows what happened, but the intel at Manhattanville was that the MTA was this close to ordering 90 more, and they were training drivers like crazy. I rode 1302 on the M3 and saw 1304 and 1306 on the M1 almost every day... really expected they'd keep those buses. Shame.


I used to always see one on the M9 while going to work...I remember one day at work, i had to go to another store to pick something up (this was back when the M9 terminal was across the street from Asser Levy Pool) and there was 1304 so i took it from that first stop all the way to 1 Av & 20 St.


That was a 5 minute walk easily, but hey at least i got paid for my travel ;)


but 0010 pheonix is in Zerega ,How the hell did you catch it?


that was in 2008 (or whenever the last Roadeo was). I accidentally wandered onto the road course when i took that shot

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