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NY-FL Railway (New York to Frapland)

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Hi guys, it's me Dj. now, i've never posted anything post on this website and I thought it was about time i did so i decieded to update you guys on this route i'm working on for trainz called the NY-FL Railway. so far, i've caputured a few pics of the only R40 slant on the system which is scheduled for scrap but only 6 cars, the other 4 are being stored in the museum. we'll enough chit chat and on to the route shall we :P

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Nice job. I really like your work. This content here should help you out. It was made by Green Eggs n' Pelham and BStyles.


GE&P (6) Speed Signs, Car Stop Signs

NYCTA Signs.cdp


GE&P (6) Subway Stations, if you decide to go underground. The link takes you to where the exact post of the stations is. The only one that I have missing the the 3T Side Station.



BStyles Elevated Track, Vintage and Current

Vintage NYCTA Elevated Trestle Pack.rar

NYCTA Elevated Trestle Pack.rar


BStyles Elevated Stations

NYCTA Elevated Station Pack Pt.1.cdp2


Door Control, allows you to open the doors at station splines, and this can be added as a driver command if you want to create AI traffic

Door Control.cdp


Custom Station Kit by GE&P (6). This is if you want to design your own underground stations.



NYCTA Signals Pack, GE&P (6), and the ReadMe.




Keep building, fellow Trainz Member, your work looks great. I have a recommendation though. Replace the junction levers with the Machine Lever ones (Already in Trainz), or the Magicland Alstom Levers. Looks great. Keep doin' ya thing man.

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Just finished Repainting my R33 into work Service Scheme. check it out in my private Album. look for previous post :P -DJREELZ A.K.A R.S.B

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I finished both the Blue and Red lines, now i just gotta finish the Green line and the High Speed Express Line

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