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Hello Everyone,


My name is Sean, im 16 and a high school student. I always have had an interest in NYCT since I was young. I was a member of Riders Diaries around the 2004-2005 range with the handle "Keep the Redbirds Flying". I was on the former NYCBA forums with the handle "A to Far Rock". I left there a month or so after the introduction of the A BETA by Joe. I built two routes, that were released to a couple of friends in the .rw format, and i built four cars, R32, R33, R40 S, R44. Unfortunatly, May of last year, my hard working computer with all of my BVE files crashed, nothing was backed up. I had to settle for Windows Vista, and I have been BVE-less since. I tried before to get it to operate on my desk top with no luck. I just got a laptop recently and that too fails to operate BVE too. Most likely because of my nvidia graphics card. So I have been sidelined in regards to BVE. Thanks for Your Time Folks.

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