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2012 Volvo 9700 Boasts New Interior Features

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February 8, 2012 – Sainte Claire, QC – The 2012 Volvo 9700 has a new interior which gives the coach a striking look and emphasizes better maintenance, serviceability, and fuel economy. The new Volvo 9700 has new seat fabric packages, superior lighting, upgraded passenger service panels, an enhanced entry area, improved overhead parcel racks, and advanced modesty panels. The 9700 also uses a more uniform use of color among the interior components, giving the interior a pleasant appearance.


Volvo 9700 passengers take pleasure in traveling in a Volvo motorcoach. Passengers can re-charge or power their laptops and other electronic mobile devices with the optional 110V electrical outlets. The outlets are located at each seat pair, in between the seats, giving easy outlet access to every passenger and allowing passengers to enjoy entertainment options or to keep up with their busy work schedule. Standard foot rests on each seat retract automatically, treating passengers to a relaxing convenience while granting operators more efficient cleaning.


The upgraded passenger service panels provide a pleasing environment for passengers with attractive, practical LED lighting. The LED lighting delivers homogeneous light with no dark gaps and maximizes lighting angles, ideal for reading, working or playing. The new lighting gives a new, fresher feel to the cabin. Operators also benefit from the lighting system. The decrease in cable harnesses leads to easier maintenance and the prevention of short circuits. The new service panels are also easy to change out in case of repair. LED lighting throughout the cabin results in increased reliability, energy savings and fuel economy improvements.


A new audio video system features the Bosch Professional Line III. This system will provide a superior audio visual experience for passengers. The system is USB compatible, so any audio device can be connected to and played through the audio system, allowing for audio selections to be customized to passengers. This system has a clean interface, making it easy for the driver to operate the controls.


Passengers will also appreciate the tinted windows, which provide better insulation against sunlight and provide a cooler, more comfortable riding environment. Operators will also benefit from the tinted windows, which result in less use of AC and improved fuel economy.


The new overhead parcel racks concentrate on safety for passengers and functionality for operators. The parcel racks come standard with corded sides and can be upgraded to a full door system in the factory or at any time. Modesty panels have been improved with matching interior fabric, giving the entry area an inviting feel. In addition, modesty panels have cup holders for front row passengers to enjoy.


Volvo 9700 drivers will enjoy an ergonomic driver’s environment, designed with their concerns in mind. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System display has been relocated to the top of the dashboard and a cup holder is within easy reach of the driver. The coach also has a universal key, making key management much simpler.


Additionally, new handles in the entry area, contrasting step edges, LED step lighting, and an easily identifiable emergency door latch promote passenger safety.


These new improvements greatly enhance the passenger experience and modern styling of this motorcoach, delivering a sophisticated interior and accelerating the value of the Volvo 9700 to operators.





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