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A Tide Laundry Theft craze by thieves across America?

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"Thieves seem to be embarking on an anti-grime spree, some media outlets are reporting, saying thousands of dollars in Tide detergent is being swiped from shelves across the country.


One Minnesota man stole about $25,000 worth of the liquid laundry detergent from a West St. Paul Wal-Mart over 15 months, authorities there say. Some stores, including a CVS in Prince George's County, Md., have taken to wrapping anti-theft devices around the handles of the orange bottles.


Several publications have described the thefts as a widespread crime wave, even calling the detergent "liquid gold," but law enforcement authorities and some retail operators aren’t so sure.


Reached by email, a CVS spokesman acknowledged that the chain had put security devices on some bottles. But, he said, "Theft of Tide is not a new issue in the retail industry, and this is not a chain-wide issue for us."


As for the Minnesota thefts, purportedly by Patrick Costanzo, 53, those have been the only instances in the Twin Cities metro area, Lt. Matt Swenke of the West St. Paul Police Department said in an interview with The Times.


Was Costanzo using the detergent in a literal money-laundering scheme? Did he sell it for dirty deeds?




“He told [police] he didn’t have a job and the state didn’t help him in any way so he did what he had to do to get by,” Swenke said.


Some stolen bottles -- with a retail price between $10 and $20 -- are reportedly resold at flea markets and on the streets at much lower prices."


Tide theft: Thieves make off with detergent - latimes.com


1)CNN "Situation Room" Show with Wolf Blizter


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lol... Tide is so overrated, especially the liquid one. They don't clean as well as they used to. Anywho, I think it's hilarious that he stole all of that Tide to make ends meet. I never knew Tide was such a "luxury" item. lol

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With all of this, you would think that manufacturers would create tamper-proof bottles by now.


@B35 - but they were caught laundering!

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