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Kamen Rider

Trainz-06 fiction British route "City to Shore"

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One of my biggest intrests when it comes to trains is British rail in the period between the end of World War II and the arivale of the axe.


It just felt natural to make this one.





This map is to scale, made by painting over the Vistamare map.


The network is broken up into two major sections. On the map, they're color coded red and green.


Red is the more traditonal network,


Green is a newer, faster service (I'd nicknamed it the "New Speed Line")


When I name things, I often use word play. When I started this map, I started from the key point of the "Red" side, Manchester street, named becuase London has a Liverpool Street station.


As finished, Manchester Street has 8 tracks on two levels. 6 tracks are on the upper level and are terminating for trains coming from the south. the lower level are two through tracks to "CityGate", which mostly sees suburban services.


Most of Red is third rail electric, like the orginal BR Southern Region lines out of London and most is also 4 tracks wide.


the main line out of Manchester St. is the route to "Hove-by-Sea". "fast trains" (I like to use proper terminlogly where I can) make two stops on that run, Thallensboro and Chessen.


The route splits into two at Blismer Juction. The route ot Hove-by-Sea doesn't have third rail, all electric trains use the route ot Alvan Beach, where the trains make all four stops as it's a two track route. Alvan beach station is also a dead end, so the route is MUs only.


the functionaly hud of Red is Chessen, a seven track complex where two branches split off. One Branch, the Whatford-Sliverlin branch is a simple is a simple, one track with a passing siding, "Thomas the tank engine"ie branch. two trains start at ether end, Chessen and Silverlin, and work towoerd each other, passing Whatford Town station.



The other branch is the route to Southport. This is two tracks and elcetric the whole way. the Airport station is the newest, I just added that this afternoon. the name goes back to my word play, being a combination of Stanstead, Heathrow and Gatwick, three of London's airports.


Chessen is also home to the line's primary work complex.


the Southport route splits into two in Southport itself, one side going to the main passenger station, the other going to the water front, where there is a station for passengers connecting to or from ships.


Idealy, Services would work as such:


Normal Suburban Service


Citygate <-> Chessen

Citygate <-> Airport

Citygate <->Hopely


"peak" suburban service


CityGate <-> Southport


seasonal service


CityGate <-> Alvan Beach


"Intercity" Serivces


Manchester Street <-> Hove-by-Sea "Fast"

Manchester Street <-> Hove-by-Sea "slow

Manchester Street <-> Alvan Beach "Fast"

Manchester Street <-> Alvan Beeach "Slow"

Manchester Street <-> Southport "Fast"

Manchester Street <-> Southport Slow

Manchester Street <-> Southport Docks "Fast" (boat train, fast service only)


"Other" services

Chessen <-> Silverlin village



The Green side is 4 tracks from it's terminal at King'sBridge to Silver Glen and then two tracks to Southport. the southport station is part of a 6 track complex terminal with the Red side station. the branch leaveing at Old hale is two tracks, accesabe from all four main tracks as it passes the line's mantince depot.


This side is all electric and all EMU, as all trains terminate at Kingsbridge, with is also a dead end stub. Fast trains run Kingsbridge, King's Hill, Silver Glen, Morganswood, Southport-Bridge Street and Southport



Other map details....


The "black" line is an underground route, created to sort of be my "waterloo & City", but didn't work out that way.


The section of red side with the narrow black line next to it (little Wonking to Chessen) shares it's "slow" track with underground trains and is fourth rail equiped. These trains terminate on a decicated two track platform at Chessen and have thier own depot next door to the mainline works complex.


Orange is my counterpoint to the DLR. 7 stations, the last three part of a street running with dual mode equipment (third rail/overhead).


Across the River Forn from Southport (not on this map becuase this map is just passenger service) is a larger port area, with both standard gauge trackage dockside and a 3' gauge shutung system that carries some goods off site to industrys along the western side of the river.

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cut down to -10 below ground level, run the retaining walls (pick which one suites you) along the sides to make vertical walls, and then deck the result over with "Path boardwalk nosides 12".


In this case, the surface is an extra 10 units above where I wanted the tracks


the surface level view of kings hill





the station's "mezzinine" level





between the two running tunnels, between the "arkaden" I used for the sides. Due to the positions of the tunnels, this station was built as one double sized cutting, and this space between is not supposed to be there.



Now that I think about it, it's basicly how they do it in the real world. cut, support, roof over.

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I just opened a cutting in the ground level with the tracks coming from the tunnels. the walls are the retaining spines (retwall, arkaden whatever) and I used the boardwalk without sides and supports as roofing material, which is useful because I can temporaly incress the height of the paths to open up the platforms for work.


It's mostly some careful spine placement.


I have an idea to explain it better, give me a little while.

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I've made a few changes over the last few days.


There is now a CityGate <-> Manchester Street shuttle train. I've also made both tracks on that section of line bi-directional.


Manchester street is now 10 tracks. I was able to squize in another platform. This is dedicated for the Avlan beach line, as the tracks are stubs. the EMUs would get tangled up in the relay/run-around tracks north of the Manchester street mainline platforms.


Chessen Station now has another line sprining forth from the now 9 track hub. this is a DMU tramway runing through the Town of Chessen, sort of an analogy to Tramlink. It snakes north east, and ends at the side of the River Thallen


There is a new local station midway between Old Hale and Silver Glen.


I've also gone for the effect of a push-pull by using a DMU to play cab car.


I should note now that every thing I do for Trainz uses orginal game content. Everytime I've ever tried to install CC, the darn thing goes haywire. Meanwhile more of my hardreive is devoted to Sims 2 and Sims 3 CC that there is space taken up by the game files themselves.

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I've spent soo much time with my Star Trek Online addiction I've done little in the Trainz department.


but I've made a few updates to this map. most of them are cosmetic. laying out scenery has been big on the agenda. I've laid out a continus road network from Citygate all the way to Shoremans house. there's a museum of trains from all over the world across the street from Chessen station.


I've reconfigred the area around Chessen Station to make it a better terminal for short turn trains, adding the abilty to short turn from the south, moslty through some simple new switches.


I've added a new branch. it diverges from the Red side just east of Token Manor. it has a spur branch station serving a new development. a single three car train runs from Manchester st to this station. The tracks contuie east, passing a river (river Thallen) and through a tunnel. on the other side is a coal mine complex. uptill yesterday, trains looped back out onto that side. now, I've added a contunation east, to join up with the Green side between Silver Glen and Morganswood. this continuation adds two more stations to the network and sort of blurs the line between the two sides, An express train leaving Southport for the red side could use eather the normal red route or green and the new connector. I've already begun service via the new line, allowing a Green side train from Kingsbridge to serve the Airport station.

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I think I've gone overboard.


Compair the one from march at the top to this one....



major changes

A new city terminal "waterside". I realized I was trying to ram too many trains into Manchester Street. Diesel powered push-pulls run as far north as Brick House on the map. There are 4 terminating tracks there. Electric trains use a lower level station and continue to Waterside.


I had a little fun with Brick house. The terminating platforms (known operationaly as Brick House Museum) and in the "building terminus" object (the american looking one, not the brig british one). the center track bay is empty, replaces by a cutting where Waterside bound trains dive down and enter the tunnel. thier station is underground and across the street. the line then weaves under, over and around the black "underground" line.


A new branch line, the Whitehead Island line. Has a seperate station at Hopley, where branch line trains turn to head back south. There are main line through trains to Manchester and Brickhouse. The branch can only access the northbound red main line.

The end of the line at Whitehead Beach, the trains loop onto an arrving platform, which is perpendicular to the departing platforms. The trains pull forward onto a staginge siding and back down into the departing platforms, like this..




the orange line also gains a new branch and an in-fill station on it's street runing section.



pics time finnaly





Knight Street






Manchester Street Upper level



Lower Level





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I'm going to rebuild manchester street high level from the ground up. the way the trains are screwing around on it is getting on my nerves.


I've also gone beyond overboard. I've added yet ANOTHER line. This one runs eastward from Southport, along the shore. It's basicly as long as the "red" mainline from city gate to the shore, just laid on it's side.




There is one train that runs through to manchester street. I clocked it last night. It left Landsend at map launch and, making all stops on the new branch, skiping Southport station, making all other Southport branch stops and then a mainline fast run to Manchester Street, took an HOUR to get to the other end. and I mean one REAL hour. and that's with a 75 MPH speed limit on most of the trackage.


this new branch is electric to Gainsport Riverside. The "old Dockside" station is left over from the "pre-CTS" days and now sees rush hour commuter trains only as a backup to Southport proper (I made that part up, I threw it in for the hell of it. I like my work to have a story to go with it. )


There is a small port area near gainsport town. The thru train returns via the Fornside Connecting and back down the green line and using a bypass track that's not on the map to connect back to it's branch, so it doesn't get caught in traffic.


Branchline only trains use Southport proper as their terminal. The loop around and return north. All locomotive hauled trains, even those with cab cars, use the loop to save time. Only the EMUs from Kingsbridge reverse from the patforms. though it seems they only want to do that when they want to. They tell me thier getting a red signal, when the way north is clear. For some reason, they want to keep going south,


another problem is I've had a few northbound trains make the stop at Bridge Street and then refuse to obey the AI command interface. Actualy I've had this problem on other maps with other stations. they make thier stops, but then won't budge. I have to take control of the train and ether coax it to work, or move it out of the way. Drives me to drink.


And don't get me started on when they get lost. There is a freight train that carrys oil from the Southport Cargo Terminal (not on the map, but it's across the river from the passenger stations) to the mines on the connecting divison. Somehow, the darn thing showed up at Chessen, blocking one of the terminatling platforms.


Bridge Street, wedged between some bridges. The one on the left carries the Red line, the other is a road bridge



Southport Main station, looking north.



Port complex, looking west



Port yard looking South


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this is the vista mare trainz map of the entire CTS system zoomed out far enough to show the entire thing.


note that these are literal screen shots, I've found it a million times easier to just point my camera at my monitor.





This is the revamp of Manchester Street. I've moved the platforms closer to the north end and simplfifed the interlocking. Electric trains that would have ended here now continue north to a new terminal, through the building across the street




the new line from the north side of the buildings.




turning around, we have a bridge over a major street and the new station in the distance




Manchester North station, with relay tail tracks




North side of the Chunnel, nominaly part of the Gainsport area seen on the eastern shore line map. nearest station is "left over from construction" (backstory) the next the local trains terminating, the one after is thru/fast trains and at the far side the car shuttle.




France side, through trains into france are outside the shed, terminating in the midle, car shuttle in the distance




Waterside terminal looking into the terminal area




turning around. Left has a shipping complex, right is layover yard




the terminal station




Brick House Museum, with the tunnel portal dead ahead.




a better view of the seaport




the Whitehead beach loop/relay station.

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