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Answers to Questions about New York (NY Times Article)

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This is a small Q.&.A article in the NY Times. This one is about two subway topics:






Answers to Questions About New York








Published: March 30, 2012


Take the 8 Train?




Q. I recently took a photo of one of the cars on the 7 train in case no one believed me. My wife, son and I were stunned to see an “8” train sign where the “7” should be. What gives?

A. There is no 8 train, but if there ever were, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority would be ready.

What you saw was really nothing special, Deirdre Parker, a spokeswoman for New York City Transit, said in an e-mail.

“The roll has many numbers on it for possible future use,” Ms. Parker said of the sign. “Sometimes, in the train yard, after the car is cleaned and inspected, the roll is turned to the wrong number before the train is put back into service.”

Staggered Stops

Q. Some of the planned stops on the new Second Avenue subway are on the same streets as the stops on the Lexington Avenue line two blocks to the west. Why didn’t they stagger them so all the Second Avenue stops are in between the Lexington stops? That would put more people a lot closer to a stop.

A. The parallel stops on Second Avenue look that way only on a map, Kevin Ortiz, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, said.

“To minimize the walk to a station, entrances were designed at each end of the station to extend the reach of the station,” he said in an e-mail. “For example, the 86th Street station has entrances at 83rd Street and 86th Street.”

(In contrast, the Lexington Avenue station at 86th Street, for the 4, 5 and 6 trains, has entrances at each corner of 86th and Lexington only.)

Mr. Ortiz also noted that there had been an effort to provide connections between the Second Avenue line and major crosstown bus routes, and that the transportation authority had worked with community boards on the locations of the station entrances.

The final result for Phase I of the project (96th to 63rd Street), he said, is that “some stations are on the same street as Lexington line stations (86th and 96th Streets) and some are staggered (63rd Street and 72nd Street).”

Phase I is scheduled for completion by December 2016.



E-mail: fyi@nytimes.com











A version of this article appeared in print on April 1, 2012, on page MB2 of the New York edition.



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