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Steamrail Open Day 11/3

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G'day all.

Last month Steamrail had thier open day down at West Block Newport Workshops.


Parked up the back of West block is the Greaser train. These two cars are Harris Cars 797M and 794M. Thier job was to grease and inspect the overhead prior to carbon skids being fitted to pantographs.



Parked next to the greaser train is Electric locomotives L1160 in the V/Line orange and grey. Behind 1160 is L1169. If you watched the movie Ghost Rider the locomotive would look rather famiular.


Furthur up is L1162 in the VR livery.


In 3 road of West block is double ended Tait 470M. Cars like 470m were designed for shuttle work such as between Camberwell and Alemain.


Diesel Y Y124 in the VR livery.


Parked up for Pacific National is two stored Y classes. Y157 and an unknown one.


Steam locomotive R707


Parked up is W244, W241 and F208.


On the other side is former Vinelander car SJ282. The Vinelander was an overnight sleeper service between Melbourne and Mildura.


Inside the cab of R711. This R class is fitted with a Diesel control stand. It was used during WCR days and controlled a Diesel loco attached behind the steamer.


Stabled in the garden platform area are two Metro X'trapolis trains. On the left is 954M-T-M-853M-T-M

on the right was the newest X'trapolis train 141M-T-142M-143M-T-144M having been transfered from Ballarat a few days prior


Y112 and D3 639.


Inside the Cab of 107M.


Lying around the place is the fibreglass front piror to the trains being refurbished.

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Must have been a nice day, spending time literally inside history. I notice the Australian engines and passenger cars look more like their American counterparts than their British counterparts.

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