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Queens Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

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2 hours ago, Orion6025 said:

Perhaps if a bus from the foot of the LIRR Flushing that swings onto northern then beelines onto the expressway in that weird interchange could be viable. I don't anticipate many people being thrilled or choosing to transfer from local bus to some hypothetical " LGALink Part 2" but if many airport workers [who choose the 7 to the 70 as opposed to just using the 48] come through flushing, it could be a success.

Most airport workers live in Elmhurst and Corona, IIRC (There was an O&D survey floating around, I'll have to look for it). East of Van Wyck, real estate values and rents are very high, and most airport workers do not come from those neighborhoods.

In any case, the main issue has always been that a bus could never beat a car which takes less than five minutes to go from Flushing to LGA. By itself, that is not a good enough market to justify a route. Even with hotel growth in Flushing, most of those run their own shuttles for the convenience of their guests.

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The thing about the Q48 Most airport traffic generally goes to Corona while most normal riders ride between Flushing and Corona. While the Q48 ridership isn't that good going into the airport it is the only Eastward connection from the airport. While wast of Van Wyck might not have too many airport workers I wouldn't be too surprised if people would come from College Point or Great Neck. Buses in those areas tend to carry a lot of working-class people. 

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