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Earle Baldwin

"Making All Stops" - A Fantastic New Book

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Hello, All.


I hope everyone has been well.


I'm sorry it's been quite awhile since I've posted here but the last few years have seen some very significant personal challenges which didn't allow me the opportunity to muster the effort required to post anything which would have been worth reading. I now find myself in search of diversion which only my passion for rail transportation can provide so I hope you'll welcome me back into the NYC Transit Forums



I would like to tell everyone about a very special new book which has been introduced into the railfan marketplace. Titled "Making All Stops", the book provides a wonderfully nostalgic journey back to an era when the city's rails were ruled by R-12s, R-17s, R-21s, and their contemporaries. With the exception of a couple of black and white personal images, this is an all color offering. Trains often contained cars painted in multiple liveries making for colorful consists. The book is system wide in its coverage, ranging from 242nd St./Van Cortlandt Park on the 1 all the way down to Coney Island. There are even images of the last segment of the Third Avenue El which remained in service until 1973.


Of particular note is the clarity of the photographic reproduction. The publisher clearly took the time to make sure it was done right s the images are razor sharp and the colors are vivid. The pictures, as reproduced, remain faithful to the original slides. The softcover book is perfectbound and is printed on heavy paper. It will stand up well to repeated handling which is wonderful news for purchasers who get good use from their books. As the owner of several hundred railroad books, I've flipped through a lot of them. This publisher knows how to do things right.


Comparatively speaking, the subway of today is clean, bright and efficient. The new generation of equipment is a pleasure to be aboard. That said, I remain very fond of the period covered by "Making All Stops" as it represents the subway I grew up with. With their "railfan windows",wonderful myriad of sounds and wonderful electric smells, we had more fun riding those trains than should have been allowed. This book has done a superb job of rekindling cherished memories of the system during this period for me whether it was watching and photographing the trains or riding them in the company of a very special someone.


In summary, "Making All Stops" provides an outstanding review of subway operations during a period which hasn't gotten much attention up to now. Thankfully, the publisher of the book has addressed this long overdue need. I highly recommend the book. It will bring back fantastic memories for those who experienced the subway during this era for themselves and will serve as a marvelous history lesson for those who want to learn more :bout how the system got to where it is now.


Here's the link to the webpage:




Thanks for reading and it's good to be back.


All the best,


Robert Callahan a.k.a. "Earle Baldwin"



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I asked the publisher this very question during my initial conversation with him. Volume 2's layout is finished and it is essentially ready to go to press; however, more copies of Volume 1 must be sold in order to help finance production of the second book. During conversations I've ead with several railroad book publishers, releasing a train book is a frightfully expensive proposition, particularly if it's to be done well. That said, he's hopeful to be in a position to be able to print Volume 2 before year's end.



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