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SEPTA Bullet car #206 at ECTM


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Here are some photos of the SEPTA Bullet Car #206 at the Electric City Trolley Museum in Scranton Pennsylvania. This one is layed up just outside the museum on a spur off the main line.















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Nice!!! That thing looks like a '60's San Francisco street car.


In fact, many major US cities had PCC style street cars, SEPTA still has 15 of them. If you've ever watched the movie "who framed roger rabbit" you'll guess what happened to those street cars. Most of them were bought & dismantled by a GM owned company and replaced by busses. Not to dis busses at all, but light rail & trolly systems don't need to use any fuel, and could run on renewable energy such as hydrogen combustion for remote areas, and electric power for more practically electrified areas. There is a huge push for these types of systems to return, as they are way more cost effective than busses in high demand areas. The 20 year plan by (NJT) outlines expansion of several light rail systems. In fact, they'd simply be re-instating long gone streetcar systems with modern LRV's in most cases.


Awesome photos. I'm glad SEPTA had the good sense to keep their streetcars & most of their trackage (even if a lot of it is unused).


- Andy

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