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Make Luminator Signs PLEASE HELP ME

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i read everything i cant understand how to make a luminator sign

please help me


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These two links provide various letters, numbers, and symbols for almost all of the sizes, from five to sixteen pixels high. Most of them have a second page showing a template of the LED Luminator Horizon signs or the Luminator MegaMax flipdot signs.


These signs can be constructed in one of two ways.


1. Take a standard font, size them, and place them in the background template with small adjustments.

2. Use the template and build the signs and characters from scratch. This demonstration is usually what I do because you can control the quality of the sign.


Usually, these templates are in vector shapes, so you can alter the size and not affect the resolution prior to greating the GIF (for scrolling) or PNG (for still frames).


For the animations, they're done in a raster program, whether it's Photoshop, Gimp, or Jasc. Gimp is free, but Jasc and Photoshop require payment. (I think Jasc lets you get a free trial.)


Photoshop has an "Animation" window (Window > Animation) showing a toggle window of either Frames or Animation Logs. Go with "Frames" because you can alter the in-betweens and key frames better this way.


If your signs are just one frame, save as a PNG file. But if it's animated, save as a GIF file.

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That would be wonderful Rockaway Express. Thank you.

My email is michaelkoyf@gmail.com

Thanks Again.

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