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(AUS) Around Melbourne.

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G'day all.

Just a few Shots from around the City and the Eastern bits of melbourne.



Parked on 9 road Dandenong is a tamper.


Traveling down Swanston Street with a route 16 to Kew is D1.3533


Following right behind is D1.3505 with a 72 to Camberwell.


Darting across Swanston Street is NationalBus 960(Scania K230UB/Custom Coaches CB60 EVO II) with a 906 DART service to City/Lonsdale Street


Traveling up Swanston Street is Z3.195 with a Route 8


With a 5 to Malvern is Z2.101


Departing Box Hill with a Belgrav e service is X'trapolis 144M.


Laying over at the Box Hill bus interchange is an unknown Ventura Scania L94UB/Custom Coaches CB60 C-Max.


Parked up in Lonsdale having completed a 905 DART service is NationalBus 969(Scania K230UB/Custom Coaches CB60 EVO II)


On the other side of the road is NationalBus 947(Scania K230UB/Custom Coaches CB60 EVO II)


Behind 947 is NationalBus 682(MAN 18.310/Custom Coaches "CB80")


The old meets the new at Eltham. X'trapolis 97M is at the head of a Flinders Street bound train whilst Semaphore signal Post 4 is in the proceed posiiton. The section between Greensbrough and Eltham is controlled by minature electric staff and is the last of they type in the state. The line from Eltham to Hurstbridge is controlled by staff and ticket.


Looking down a MK2 X'trapolis M car.


Out the window on the Hustrbridge Line


In the yard a Southern Cross.


Various trackwork for the Regional Rail Link project


Going over the Latrobe Street bridge is Restrant tram SW6.964


In the other direction is B2.2134 about to terminate with 86A to Ethiad Stadium.

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Great pics and vids! How do you pay for the Light Rail/Streetcar



On board the tram there is a ticket machine. Although if you have a train or bus ticket within the right Zone(s) you can travel on it. Our ticket systems (Metcard and Myki) are multi modal.

It's all going to change when Myki comes in fully. Metcard machines arn't being replaced with thier Myki counterparts despite a wearhouse full of them.

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Wow amazing stuff. I have a really good friend that lives there. She told me to visit so I am considering it next year. How did you like it? I know it's winter there since its south of the equator. You recommend? I always wanted to visit Sydney as well. Hope you enjoyed it. The equipment looks good & as usual more advanced than ours.

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How did I like it. Well I would be a bit bias seeing as I live here. I would reccomend coming down under.

There's plenty to do from a transport persective. Going for a Ride on a W class is a must. Although the City Circle can be a bit squishy at times. They run on the 30 and 78 during weekdays and both those routes arn't that busy.


The train and tram fleets both look better than they did about 5 years ago.


Sydney is also nice aswell. Different to Melbourne with double decker trains and all that.

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