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how would i be able to upload a cell phone or ipod pic to the forums?


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Become a photobucket member if not already. Get the app for iPhone/iPod/Android. Upload the photos. Copy the code.



thanks quill, i made an account on my ipod...uploaded the pics to photobucket...then found all those links the IMG specifically, copied t, and im good! thAnk you alot!!


Transfer the photos from your iPod to your computer, and then upload it onto photobucket as you normally would.



thanks for your advice, but quills was more simple


Email it to yourself. Then download it to your computer, go to your Photobucket account (if you don't have one, make one), and post the link on here. There's probably a simpler way, but that's how I did it.



see i was thinking that...but i did the emAil...but then that requires photobucket so i just used photobucket from the start

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