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V train for the 1980's?


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Back around 1982 or 1983, new desination side reading roll signs were being installed on the R27/30/32 and 38 subway cars when lines had their colors changed in 1979.


But on the new rollsigns, one had read this:



V(Avenue of the Americas)

6 Avenue Local


My question is what was this V train supposed to be used back in the 1980's and where it was supposed to run between.


Any transit workers who might know this can post up any information they may have about the V train in the 1980's.

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I do think it was for the (V) service that we see today. I have an E27/30 front route sign from 1984 that has the (V) train on it too. The (V) started back in 2000 or so right?

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Yep, I have a sign just like that. What I think is odd though, the side signs on the R32/38 cars were ordered around 1989 and say

(V) vis 6th Avenue

My sign and others are dated 1984, but I am not sure if the (V) was on earlyer signs when they changed the system in '79.


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Imagine if that was put in service, that would've been something!


Can anybody say Photoshop? Only problem is, the (V) doesn't exit the tunnels at all, and you don't get a train that dark in stations...


matted33: E27/30? Some new upgrade or something? :cool::D

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