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Foamtastic Bus Fantasy Timetable Covers

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Just something done out of boredom. I tried to emulate the style of the SBS schedule, except for the fully local routes because I couldn't decide on a color scheme. Inkscape doesn't recognize some of the MTA's fonts so they look weird. Put in spoiler tags to save space. Random date chosen.







































There was this other thread were somebody else made another type of schedule, it looked really cool. I'll try and pull it up.


Oh yeah, here's some I made a while ago, except these I just copy and pasted to make on Paint, I didn't use Inkscape.


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Can I has one too, please?


Routes: Q11 Local, Q21 Local, Q52 Limited, Q53 Limited, Q53X Express(Green)

(Q11, Q21, Q52 on top row. Q53 services on bottom row.)

Style: Like sign #1

Neighborhoods: Services between Woodside or Rego Park to Howard Beach or The Rockaways.

Streets: Via Woodhaven/Cross Bay Boulevards.


*If you don't do that many routes, do the Q53 services only, and change this:

Neighborhoods: Services between Woodside to Rockaway Park.


Thanks in advance! Btw, your signs are cool!

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BTW. there's a typo on one of your schedules. The B46 local doesn't end in Bedford-Stuvesant. :P


But in any case, nice work!



Thanks! Also misspelled the Bridge in Williamsburg Bridge Plaza as Brudge, but I've fixed them! :lol:

New covers:















Oh yeah, if you want a certain style [sBS-style or Original Timetable-style] specify. Generally, I'll use the original template for Local routes and color schemes I don't think work good on the SBS format, and use the SBS format for everything else.


I may not be able to make any tomorrow.





Gee, another Brooklyn-JFK route would rock!

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