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Foamtastic Bus Fantasy Timetable Covers

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Open one of mysterious2trains timetables in inskape then on the left there is an 'A' icon click it and when you hover on any text in the timetable you see a box around it, double click it and you can edit it to your preference.


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I kinda stopped using the actual borough bus maps, and starting using a more city-wide map...








Thise are more city-wide maps, so they're good for showing interborough routes and stuff.

I linked to an example of the map facing Manhattan North, and one map facing actual North, so you can work with either one.


You can use the tool to select all pieces of the map, to clean the map of my stuff and you can draw some routes.


I'm talk some more later about map-making, my brain isn't really turned on yet. Sorry for taking some long, school is annoying.


Anyway, according to Adobe the MTA uses QuarkXPress 8.51 to edit their timetables, and AbodeInDesign CS4 for the maps, as well as Adobe Illustrator for other edits and Adobe Distiller 9.0, which appearently converts PostScript to Adobe PDFs. Of course, I've never used any of these programs.

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