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New Transit Comic Show, and you can be in it


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Hi my name is Michael Obregon i started making comics around last year. now i'm making comics on the internet. One of you probably seen my comics, if not, link is here http://linkcandoitnyc.deviantart.com/ . I have been making comics pretty well. One day i asked Zach Summer if i can make a transit story comic about him. He agreed. Now you can be in the show but it is a contest. so here how it works:


1. You can email me linkcandoitnycfans@gmail.com Full name and NYCTF username

2.submit a photo of you and email above ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ (no strong blurs)

3. if 10 people submitted on the email, there will be 5 winners, 20 submitted 10 winners, 30 submitted 15 winners, 40 submitted 20 winners, 50 submitted 25 winners, 60 submitted 27 winners, more than 61 or more will add one more winners per submittion.

4. share this link to facebook, youtube, tumblr, twitter, and especially this forum.

5. if your submitting and work on this site or if your harry, you can be in the show, just ask ok?

6.harry if your upset that i upload here, pm me so i can move it to the off topic forum

7.contest expires on october 11 and the winners will be chosen on the 21st on this forum

8. the winners username will be post here on this topic.


here's an example of the comic http://linkcandoitnyc.deviantart.com/gallery/

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