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My Adventure with S79 SBS- 9/2/12

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Since Diamond Royal Plaza condo is between two stations, I went to 90th St-Elmhurst Av.

I boarded front car #1746 on Times Sq-bound (7) train departed 8:12, arrived Grand Central at 8:33.

Total time on IRT: 21 minutes.


I ran up the stairs in center to downtown IRT Lex Av platform.

I got on front car #1201 on Crown Heights-Utica Av-bound (4) train departed at 8:41, arriving Bowling Green at 8:53.

Total time on IRT: 12 minutes.


Because I stopped by at M15 SBS South Ferry Station to see if tourist gets confused bet. SBS Machine and MetroCard Vending Machine, I missed 0900 SIF.


My 9:30 Staten Island Ferry was Andrew J. Barberi, which departed Whitehall Ferry Terminal at 9:31, 1 minute late, arriving St. George at 9:55 ontime.

Total time on NYCDOT SIF: 24 minutes.


I made mad run to S61 bus since I want to go to first S79+Select Bus Service+ Station stop.

I got on Staten Island Mall-bound S61 #4227 departed St. George/North Ramp at 10:01.

Staten Island bus routes were very much same as Queens buses. Mad fast, even thought it's long route.

I got off Marsh Av too early at Richmond Hill Rd @ 10:39.

Total time on Bus: 38 minutes.


Next, I ran to Westport SBS Station and SBS ambassador gave me few copies of SBS Brochure.

I got on Bay Ridge-bound S79 +Select Bus Service+ #4266 departed 10:44. He was very NICE B/O.

At Hylan Blvd station, female SBS Ambassador gave him copy of brochure and I helped him put that in TAKE ONE BOX.

I waved to busfan friend who was taking pic somewhere along Richmond Av.

Arrived 4th Av/86th St at 11:44.

Total time on S79 +Select Bus Service+: 60 minutes.


Next, I lined up for same bus going back on Staten Island Mall-bound S79 +Select Bus Service+ #4266, which departed 11:46, arriving Marsh Av/Westport St @ 12:41.

Total time on S79 +Select Bus Service+: 55 minutes.


Next, I got on Bay Ridge-bound S79 +Select Bus Service+ #4266 again departed 12:46, arrived Eltingville Transit Center @ 12:59.

I ask about NYC Marathon detour and he told me they usually let S79 through with slow speed.

Total time on S79 +Select Bus Service+: 13 minutes.

I did not know restroom was closed on weekend, however nice SBS Ambassador opened restroom for only, so I said THANK YOU, then got few schedules for non SBS-routes, then got SBS Brochure and 27 S79 SBS Schedule brochure, almost missing the Bay Ridge-bound S79 +Select Bus Service+ #4267 which I made and departed 13:09.

This B/O was another friendly and NICE just like #4266 B/O I took 2nd and half. This driver made all SBS Stations, and he got teach of SBS Station.

arriving 4th Av/86th St @ 13:52, where #4266 was sitting at front.

Total time on S79 +Select Bus Service+: 43 minutes.

As I enter the station, I waved to Yukon Depot B/O on #4266.

Next, I got on Manhattan-bound (R) train running 4th AV Exp via Manhattan Bridge departed 86th St @ 13:56.

Conductor made announcement after opening door at 36th St and waited for Manhattan-bound (D) train via (N) line, then left after (D) train.

Arrived 57th St-7th Av @ 14:47.

Total time on BMT: 61 minutes.


Next I walked along 59th St reading S79 SBS brochure while showing flier of DON'T TAKE HORSE CARRIAGE RIDE.

Carriage drivers must have been INSANE why I was doing two things at same time.


I got on Cloisters-bound M4 #6662 departed Madison Av/57th St @ 15:03, arrived Madison Av/83rd St @ 15:14.

Total time on Bus: 11 minutes.

Next, I went to have quick lunch at MET Museum cafeteria, and rush to 79th St about 1600, but missed M79, so I walk to 2nd Av/79th St.

I got on South Ferry-bound M15 +Select Bus Service #1272 departed 16:48, with inspector boarded at 14th St, arrived South Ferry at 17:43.

Total time on M15 +Select Bus Service: 55 minutes.


This time 1800 Staten Island Ferry was Guv V. Molinari which departed 5 minutes late at 18:05.

Arrived St. George @ 18:25.

Total time on SIF: 20 minutes.

I was looking for schedule at SIR Station, but forgot where was.

After entering fare payment area, nice SIR T/O gave me schedule from rear car and male T/O was very nice and he told me Old Town Rd exit was at front, so I rush to front.


I got on Tottenville-bound SIR #464 departed 18:31, arrived Old Town Station at 18:41.

Total time on Staten Island Railway: 10 minutes.


After I got off, after I make sure with train operator Hylan Blvd was to his left and he said yes.

So, I rush to Hylan Blvd to help with SBS.


After Bay Ridge-bound S79 +Select Bus Service+ came, Midtown-bound X1 came first, then around 19:00, saw blue flashing like on S79 +Select Bus Service+.

Bay Ridge-bound S79 +Select Bus Service+ #4257 was CRUSH LOADED, but three of us with manage to get through.

Departed Hylan Blvd/Quintard St @ 19:03.

Arrived 4th Av/86th St @ 19:20.

Total time on S79 +Select Bus Service+: 17 minutes.


Next I got on front car #5788 on Manhattan-bound (R) 4th Av/BRIDGE Exp departed 86th St 19:30.

I called my mom when train was on Manhattan Bridge to indicate I was coming home late and arrived Times Sq at 20:22.

Total time on BMT: 52 minutes.


Next, I got on front car #1655 on Flushing-bound (7) and this was reversed today and departed 20:28, arrived Junction Blvd @ 20:53.

Total time on IRT: 24 minutes.


I stopped by my old house in Warren St to drop off S79 SBS and Horse Carriage brochure, then head home to Diamond Royal Plaza condo.



Enjoy it!

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