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Get Up, Get Out, and Get on the (7)

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But First, Bus First.


100912-00_zps0fe177b1.jpgRTS Movie Bus 4430 on 63 Drive by the LIRR.


100912-01_zpsb00e5be7.jpgThe Back of the Movie Bus.


Look What Decided to Show Up on the Q38 the Other Day...



100912-06_zps9c847161.jpg9998 on the Q38 on Hoffman Drive


The Seats on 9998. Note That This is the Only Orion V CNG Left in Queens With These Seats.



Above the Rear Door on Orion V CNG 9998



Orion V CNG 9998 and JFK RTS 9037 on Hoffman Blvd



RTS 9037 on the Q11 on Hoffman Drive



3760 Re-Decaled at Layup on Hoffman Drive... Note the Fail?


100912-10_zps38bc3494.jpg6701 is Still a Blackback... Photo Taken at 72 Street & Amsterdam Avenue



Shiny New 5259 on the M23 at 6th Avenue and 23rd Street... Picture taken on Monday.


Alright, Now For the Trains...


100912-17_zpsff06e17b.jpgR32 3381 With the R10 Front... or is it an R30 Front... Picture taken at 168 Street NB



Difference Between the Two



Side Sign on the R46 (F) ... Except the C/R Programmed it Wrong.



Another Example Shown Here.






Some R44's in 207th Street Yard. Wonder What They are Doing on That Track.



A Close-up of the R44's.



A Manhattan Bound (7) Train Entering 33rd Street From Street Veiw.



The Back of the Train Entering 33rd Street.



Manhattan Bound (7) train Entering the Tunnel at Hunterspoint Avenue. This is a Great Photo Op Spot From the Street Right Above the Entrance to the Station.



LIRR C3 Train at Hunterspoint Station.



A Main Street bound <7> Train Leaving the Hunterspoint Avenue Station.



2 R62A's Entering / Exiting Hunterspoint Avenue.


Saving the Best For Last...







A Funny: 100912-12_zpsac71fc66.jpg

A Stool on One of the Cleaner Things... Sorry I Don't Know What They Are Called. Picture taken at 168 Street (A)(C) SB





Taking A Small Break From Trains...


Central Park Looking Over Lake


I Hope You Enjoyed... My Photobucket Account is at the Link: http://s1053.beta.photobucket.com/user/TomraTx2/library/

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Nice collection. The Central Park shot is excellent.


207 St yard. The only place where you can find every NTT.


Great pics.


Nice work! The (7) coverage is well done!


Great shots! Love the last one!


Really good ones.


Great (7) Shots!


Thanks Alot Guys!

whats up with the guy in the first picture? Was he posing? lol


Nah, I have no idea. I was annoyed that I couldn't get a picture of the bus without any people blocking it, but I was in a rush so I had to take a pic and leave.

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3381 has an R30 front. If you check out the route sign in that car, it is different from most R32 signs. It says "<C> 8 Avenue Local".

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3381 has an R30 front. If you check out the route sign in that car, it is different from most R32 signs. It says "<C> 8 Avenue Local".


I noticed that, I was going to take a pic when I saw the train at W 4 but I couldn't get my camera out in time. I wonder what happened to that car, accident or something.

Nice pics and description for each photo! So 9998 is the last one left...


Thanks & I believe it is, there may be a few in Brooklyn but they are about to go.

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