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NICE Customer Service

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any insight with them? are they responsive or as bad as MTA cust. service?


I have a few issues with NICE service n20/21 (yeah I probably have to get in the complaint line)


general issues:


1. metro card machines are breaking down

2. bus drivers sometimes don't stop to pick up passengers (esp when its its fully seated but not full to the door)

3. bus drivers seemingly do not stop as requested (in Nassau) sometimes which is irritating to say the least.

4. Inconsistent service: see below


Specific issues:

I don't understand why the service is so spotty. At about 5:30-6:15, the service is almost impeccable. Its almost humorous how sometimes there can be as few as 3-5 passengers in the whole bus! Believe or not, this is somewhat even normal.


Once about 6:45-7:30 rolls around, the service goes off the cliff. Meaning, the bus is utterly is in disarray. Its almost normal sometimes to not see a bus for an hour plus. The line is long as can be.


Now specifically yesterday (10/18 7pm-7:45), only one bus came. The seats were full & about 8 passengers standing. The bus abruptly slams the door shut to the remaining people trying to get on the bus & leaves. People r literally knocking on the door as the bus leaves. Pretty rude, eh?


While waiting for the next bus, a whopping three different buses came & its all dark inside. They bypass & did not pick up any passengers. I took each bus number down & took pictures of 2 of the 3 buses. When I finally got on the bus, many people along the route was picked up. They all complained the other bus didn't pick up passengers.


Today, I called customer service & inquired about the issues at hand. She said "office is closed at 5pm so they do not know of any issues". Not sure what kind of answer is this but it appears its all game after 5pm right? She suggested I write a letter to NICE marketing (wth) dept. I replied to her that if I was 1hr or more late consistently, i would not have a job. This kind of service is unacceptable.


I written a complaint on the NICE site with all my info. I will probably send a letter with the information I have. To be fair, NICE service overall is as bad as MTA. Personally I find MTA LIB drivers a little more nastier than NICE drivers.


Any suggestion to escalate this beyond NICE would be appreciated. Frankly I am a little tired of everyone saying its not their fault. The drivers or cust. service represents the company. Imagine if I just repeatly told my boss its not my fault everyday for weeks on end?

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Customer service at NICE was better at the beginning of the year then it really is now. They used to answer all questions, not hide anything, and respond quickly, in usually just 1 or 2 business days. Now, you're lucky if you get the response you're looking for and you get it soon. I'm talking about their e-mail system here. I've never felt like talking to NICE on the phone.

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