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Kamen Rider

TRS06-An LA tribute

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I have the urge to start this thread with an AA joke. City to Shore has gotten that bad....


So, instead, I'm going to show off a map I started back last spring. LAMTA had just opened the Expo line, and I knocked out the Red line on this map (grading, tracks, Stations, signal, the works) in an afternoon.




compaired to the real deal, this is way off.


Red and Green are light rail lines


Blue is a streetcar line


Orange is a heavy rail line.


Red is on private ROW at the northern 3 stops.

It runs in a median of a large boulvard from BEACH to STADIUM. From STADIUM to TRANSIT CENTER, it runs on the shoulder of an freeway (west side from STADIUM to MACARTH switching over to east side by tunneling under the roadway)/


Green has a short street runing section, between FOOTHILLS and AQUADUCT. AQADUCT and HIGHLANDS are on ROW. from just outside HILLSIDE too just after UNION AVE, the line is elevated. UNION STATION is on an elevated platform, tucked behind the Toronto union station asset's main building.


RED south of San Garbial and Green south of UNION AVE are priavte ROW skirting the south side of Downtown to end of the line at HAUPTBAHNHOFT (I used deflaut trams cars, so i turned the german word for central station into the name of a person)


Orange is a heavy rail line, mostly el and ROW with a tunnel under the airport for trains to MISSION HILLS.


Blue is a streetcar line using the orignal content PCCs. They run 100% street runing. they share station stops with the green line, but they are on the ground. It runs to a Disneyland knockoff in pseudo Long beach.


not pictured for my sanity, the Wonderworld railroad (no points for guessing what that's like), the wonderworld Monorail maglev (no points again) and the Wonderworld<->Airport express maglev. That runs paralell to the Blue and then orange lines

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thanks, but don't need it, I finished that set up ages ago. the only reason i didn't inculde pics is I already had one head ache and didn't need a second.

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