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Barge o DEATH passing area of Lower Manhattan

Pablo M 201

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So yeah, seen the (1) advisory about marine activity. ME = Ran to NY!




So long R32 and R40 pals. RIP unda wata








Their last look at our good Lady of Liberty



I hate how the clouds were playing tricks on me, cloudly one second and then sunny the next.


I'll know how to chase this thing next time.....

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Phil D and trainfan22 didn't run down kicking and screaming, sobbing, with snot running down their faces, and out of their noses, did they?????


Well so a few more of captain screeeeeeeech (when accelerating), and sidekick are leaving to their watery graves......Good riddance.......

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SIF? I dunno which one i rode on, but it was the same one there and back.


- Andy



You were either on the Kennedy,



a Molinari class boat



or a Barberi class boat.


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