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Mr Railfan

Hurricane Sandy - Brighton Beach - The Aftermath

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No words can epitomize the destruction Hurricane Sandy brought.


Here are 30 pictures starting from the incredible storm surge to the aftermath in the Brighton Beach, Sheepshead bay areas. This is stuff you won't see in the news. Since there is an image limit i cherry picked some images , here's the full album of about 50 images: http://imgur.com/a/9C1Se


So the night of the storm i decided to go out and see the storm surge for myself. Here's the entrance to the Boardwalk. At this position i'm at the top of the stairs which lead down 6 to 7 feet down to the boardwalk entrance.



As i waited, a huge wave crashed down and cowered me to the hip in water. Literally, i was scared shitless because the water was up to my hip and there was no lights as Con Edison cut the electricity to the area about an hour before hand. I took this as a cue to get the hell out of there.



As i started going back to my home, the surge water started coming in from the other way from sheepshead bay, which is over a 10 minute walk from this area! This is literally the highest the water has ever been in this area.



A few minutes later the surge from Sheepshead bay met with the Atlantic ocean, right infront of my house, thus flooding and short circuiting our family car. Luckily the waters did not go any higher.



In the morning i ventured out to see the damage. This is the same set of stairs as seen in the first picture. As you can see it's filled with sand.



The boardwalk is suppoed to go down about 6-7 feet but is completely covered in sand. 29.jpg


Destruction on the beach.



Jacuzzi washed up



Brighton beach.



Looking from the boardwalk to a local residency.



Bathrooms flooded and covered in sand



Oceana residency flooded.



One last look at the boardwalk



Cars ruined. there is a car park behind those doors, just filled with cars and completely underwater.



walking towards Brighton beach avenue with the el overhead. This area was completely underwater overnight.



Another shot looking towards the Brighton el. This area was underwater .



A car moved out towards the bay by flood waters.



A car seat ripped out from a car and laying next to the bay .



Stranded yachts. Overnight they jumped over the canal bridge which was submerged under water.



Owner of a yacht surveying the damage near the ruined canal bridge.



A ruined canal bridge




A car plowed into this deli with surge waters



A street lays in ruins.






Sheepshead Bay station lobby. It was flooded to the top of the turnstyles.



The seaport Buffet destroyed.



The wrath of this storm is catastrophic









Exclusive photo's of the belt parkway.


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These pictures showed me how lucky I was in this storm as I live very close to where the major flooding occurred in Sheepshead Bay. The pictures of the Sheepshead Bay Station and the sorrounding area after the storm cannot be described to anyone except in pictures such as yours. I can just think what happened to the Waldbaums store on the other side of the Belt Parkway on Ocean Avenue where I shop every so often.


Thank you for your work.

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