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The Schoolcar Experience

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36 minutes ago, AlgorithmOfTruth said:

Thank you for sharing your experiences in schoolcar. It gives me (an outsider) a glimpse of what a rookie T/O in training goes through. Do you have a preferred line you'd like to pick once you get the chance?

Of course I do, everyone has their preferred lines. For me it would be the one I grew up riding the most so the N.

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Am I right in reading when you pick your job once (or twice) a year, you work that exact duty and trains every day? With no variation? How do you deal with the boredom?


We sign routes hear but work different times each day which have different trains and services each day over the set routes.


Sorry if I misunderstand!


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On 5/22/2019 at 11:33 PM, Late Clear said:

1.  You're posting.  You shall be guided by whoever is posting you.  The T/O has to work with their partner.  

2.  Stop putting everything you encounter daily on this forum.  

I concur with this....

You got managers who are in these forums as well as other supervision..

Please do not be like some of these Cats down here who  always tell their tales in RTO online or in social media..

Once yer labeled down here it stays with you for as long as you are down here..

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