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Out-of-State and I missed my appointment for Transit so how do I realist?

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Hello everyone,


So the short and skinny of my issue is that I received my paperwork for Track-worker 5016 one week after the date I was suppose to be there and I have been Out-of-State (Seattle, WA) relocating as well.


I contacted MTA Employment on the phone and all I was able to surmise was that I would have to


1. wait till after Thanksgiving, so the previous list could be audited and then


2. I would be eligible to relist and in doing that I would...


3. be called in when the next set of new hires where being called (what I was told was in January 2013).


Here is where my issue begins, I feel I would get better information if I physically went over to the office (meaning flying in to the city for a day or two) rather than getting fragments of what I should do from the office representatives that I encounter over the phone.


If I flew in could I get things changed on the spot? or in a few days?


I have a part-tme job here in Seattle which I'm biding and saving funds with but should I let them know that this is more than likely a done deal? I mean transit is UNION not hourly.


Moreover, and my main point is, it seems that beyond a fax that I will need to go down there to do any changes to get my position. Is that true?

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