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NICE Bus changes how it fuels Able-Ride vehicles


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NICE Bus changes how it fuels Able-Ride vehicles




Thursday November 22, 2012 3:14 PM By Alfonso A. Castillo


Photo credit: Jim Staubitser


A change in how NICE Bus fuels its Able-Ride vehicles should result in bus drivers spending more time on the road instead of at the pump, officials said.


NICE Bus recently announced that it has changed its fueling strategy for Able-Ride from having drivers fill up at gas stations during the course of their work day to having the entire fleet of about 90 buses topped off each night by a fuel truck.


“Up to the first half-hour of an individual driver’s workday might have gone to fueling,” NICE spokesman Andrew Kraus said. “In the aggregate, obviously many hours previously spent fueling are now available to schedulers to use for passenger pickups.”


Able-Ride is an appointment-based shared ride service for disabled customers. The vehicles, which operate on diesel fuel, provide more than 1,100 trips each day.

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