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Resumption of SIR Express service


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The MTA today restored limited (30%) AM rush express service, after the storm left only 2 tracks usable at St. George.


A few questions:


-What has allowed them to run PM express service since the day service resumed but not AM express service until after repairs?


-There is a PM peak train leaving St. George at 19:18, all stops to Great Kills then Tottenville. Is this the first time such a run (local inner, express outer) has ever been regularly scheduled?

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MTA STATEN ISLAND RAILWAY RESTORES MORNING EXPRESS SERVICE AS IT CONTINUES STORM RECOVERY EFFORT: Superstorm Sandy hit Staten Island with unimagined ferocity. MTA Staten Island Railway did not escape the damaging winds and high tides that left much of the island devastated. Major damage occurred at the St. George Interlocking and the Clifton Maintenance Shop leaving SIR able to provide only limited service in the days after the storm and no express train service. However, this Monday, December 3, 30% of a.m. express service will be restored (three of ten trains), which will serve the peak ferry departure times of 7:45 a.m., 8 a.m. and 8:15 a.m. In following days, express service will be restored incrementally, with restoration of the full complement of a.m. express service expected by the end of the year. "There was a tremendous effort involved in restoring service to this level and there are a lot of people who should be congratulated for their hard and dedicated work," said MTA Chairman and CEO Joseph Lhota. "But I also want to thank our customers on Staten Island for their patience." At St. George, we experienced loss of the master tower and relay room, ten switch machines, various signal equipment pieces in addition to signal equipment in the tunnel leading to the terminal. We are in the process of acquiring critical electrical equipment to replace damaged components. SIR employees have been working around the clock to make repairs and provide as much service to our customers as possible. Currently, local SIR service is operating normally. Afternoon express trains are running with delays, however, there was not enough turning capacity at St. George to bring back the morning express service until now. (MTA - posted 12/03)

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