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Looking for Info on "SMEE" Car equipment for Model

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Hello all. I'm a big fan of the old SMEE fleet that I grew up riding.


I am currently creating a 3D model of an R-33 (I think) and I'm having a hard time finding visual and technical info on the motor trucks and how they are assembled and work. I plan on doing many things with this model including putting it in a simulator. I'm a bit mad at the fact they just dumped these cars so this is my way of keeping them alive in my world.


I found some images over at nycsubway.org but the pictures I found do not help me understand what's going on as I have no idea what I'm looking at. I been searching the web for hours and honestly not even sure what to ask for in my search. I am most interested in the motor trucks (the wheel and breaking systems and how they work), the couplers and the electrical equipment we see in the undercarriage and how they all relate to each other. I know the braking system was manufactured by Westinghouse Air Brake Company but not getting very far googling that.


I would like my model to be as true to life as I can get it and understanding what I am making a model of would greatly help in my digital construction. Even if not the specific trucks for an R-33, I just want an understanding of how the trucks work on those old fleets with the braking and electrical systems so I can at least know why I'm putting the hose in that particular motor thingy. Any help would be appreciated.


Here are 2 pics of my model in progress so far




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Holy shit, that model is amazing! What program is it?


Thank you! I'm modeling it in Sketchup and the render was done with a free rendering program called Kerkythea.

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