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CUNY is one of the biggest public universities in the United States, and like Realizm said, some of the CUNY schools are among the best in the country, depending on what you seek to obtain your degree in.

Keep looking around for schools, and check out the CUNY website for international students/applicants.


Good luck!


Thanks! I don't know, if i will ever more study in my life, although i love architecture and engineering and its what i'd like to do in my life (except transportation), just love how cities constructed, urbanization, bridges, tunnels, roads, buildings etc. And the studies just a one of the ways to come to the USA, and as normal human i'd like to get higher education (i just finished high school), but i don't think i have a chances to study in most greatest city ever as New York... at least it sounds to me fantastic...... 



I have a colleague of mine who is married to a beautiful girl who is now officially a red blooded Israeli-American woman, she went through this exact process I've described. She had to take waitressing work off the books and go to Boro of Manhattan Community College on a student visa then City College in Manhattan all at the same time. She then went for alien resident status and was granted that status in a lottery. It took her 3 years in change to realize her dream career AND her man of her dreams. Now she is in forensics. She's only 26 years old! So dude this is a viable option. But your game plan sounds solid to me, do what you gotta do and keep it moving, you will find success with perseverance!


Edit: To add to what IntExp just posted simuntaneously as I posted, BMCC has an ESL program too which got her foot in the door (My colleague's wife) forgot to mention that


Link: http://www.bmcc.cuny.edu/immersion/


Thanks, btw good idea, get married american girl :lol:

And im playing in green card lottery too..... 3 years.... not lucky yet....  :( even have 3 refuses to U.S. tourist visa.... so i really dont know what to do.. nothing except illegal staying doesn't comes to my mind.... for example just to come to the USA as tourist and just don't back home...... or through Canada (if ill get 4th refusal to tourist visa), next year ill get Israel passport, and it's means that i dont need visa to Canada, i heard about people who helps to pass Canadian - U.S. border for money.. yep, sounds crazy but im just tired to wait while my U.S. dream comes true.

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