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Everything wrong with Sandy Hook compiled in one video.


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And you will even see proof that the people (Parents, Guy who took 6 of the kids in his house) speaking on TV are actors and it tells the acting companies they belong to. Speaking of those 6 kids, they were part of the class where everyone was supposed to have died. Plus, that guy who gave that story, changed his story.


You won't question it any further, I bet you.

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I've had some very close friends and family members die. Although they did not died violently, like the the children and adults in the massacre, I wasn't tearing my eyes out, crying a river or sobbing uncontrollably two days later. Now, some do that and some take it a lot harder, but not everyone single one does it. And eventually, people had to move on.


And you would think that the government would get better actors, not these crappy "happy" ones, to do the interviews.


Basically my feelings:


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