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Pictures from yesterday (07/27/08)#2!

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Your photos of the R160 cars on the (N) are pretty good, but in your second photo, there's and R160B without a route on it...


Keep up the good work!

Thank you...as for the 2nd pic the entire train was messed up, no scroll signs, FIND was off the C/R had to make the announcements manually


Nice pics especially of the N!

Thank you very much...I was shocked see the circle not moving in my camera


nice pics


Nice pics!!

Thank you UlmerPark B6 and trainfan22

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Ur lucky ur F.I.N.D. worked, my first ever ride on a R160, the f.I.N.D. was busted. I like the pic of the (R) at 36th Street


Thank you. The (N) I took from Times Square-42nd Street to Queensboro Plaza the scroll sign, FIND and the outside wasn't working, then I got another (N) train from Queensboro Plaza to 36th Street the FIND wasn't working again....talk about screwed up.

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