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Journey to Bee Public Hearing via NICEing to Bee-Line via MTA Jan 23

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I got on front car on Mets-bound (7) #2090 departed Junction Blvd at 9:25, arrived Mets-Willets Point at 9:35.

Total time on Subway: 10 minutes due to train traffic.


I got on front car on Flushing-bound (7) #2105 departed at 9:38, arrived Flushing-Main St at 9:43.

Total time on Subway: 5 minutes.


Since I was early for 10:15 n20 Hicksville, I went to use you-know-what at Flushing New Mall's Food Court.

Even escalator was block by sign, I had to go.


I got on fast male driver on 10:15 n20 Hicksville #1874, ADA OK and departed Roosevelt Av/Main St 1 minute early at 11:14, arrived Northern Blvd/Glen Clove at 11:11, 6 minutes early from 11:17.

Total time on NICE: 57 minutes.


I got on 11:00 n27 Roosevelt Field #1642, which came ontime with funny male driver (properly new) and great driver. When he got caught on red light before crossing Old Country Rd, I ask him kindly if lift was working and he said yes. He even joked.

Arrived Roosevelt Field at 11:48, 4 minutes late at 11:44.

Total time on NICE: 28 minutes.


Next, 11:31 n22 Jamaica #1810, another male driver ADA OK and departed Roosevelt Field one minute early from 11:56 at 11:55, arriving Mineola IC ontime at 12:07.

Total time on NICE: 12 minutes.


Next, I took 12:12 n41 Freeport #1859, male driver which left 2 minutes early at 12:10 because I want to make sure where Wild Fig was for LIBRU's Anniversary Party location. I decided to get off at 7th Av by train track. Suppose to arrive Hempstead Transit Center at 12:24, but arrived 4 minutes early at 12:20.

Total time on NICE:: 10 minutes.


Thanks to early n41, I made to less crowded 12:24 n6 Jamaica #1776 departed 2 minutes early at 12:22, arriving 165th St Bus Terminal at 13:09, 5 minutes early from 13:14.

Total time on NICE: 47 minutes.


I ran to Merrick Rd/Archer Av and got on Q44 West Farms #5916 departed 13:23. When bus got near Parson Blvd former Q20/Q44 bus stop, passengers were confused where bus stop, so nice male driver usher them to go to next street. Arrived Archer Av/153rd St at 13:30.

Total time on Bus: 7 minutes.


I lost my pen at Merrick Rd and I ask at dispatcher's office if someone has extra pen and nice female gave me extra pen.


I also made mistake on NYC Subway because I was thinking too hard.

I overshoot (E) train platform at Jamaica Center and thinking it was (E), I was mistaking sitting on BMT (J) and when announcement came "This is Brooklyn-bound (J) train."

I went outside and check front of car and it was (J).

I rush upstair via escalator, then down short set of stairs which I made to World Trade Center-bound (E) 9508 departed 13:44, arrived 7th Av-53rd St @ 14:44

Total time on Subway: 30 minutes.


Next, I got on Norwood-bound (D) #2760 departed 14:15, arrived 59th St-Columbus Circle @ 14:19.

Total time on Subway: 4 minutes.


I used 59th St/Central Park West and walk east along 59th St. There was no horse-drawn carriage in site in freezing weather. I guess ASCPA ordered suspension.

When I got to Grand Army Plaza, I reported Sat the 19th's incident about #1063 carrying 8 passengers on 4 passengers limit but he couldn't do anything because he have to see for himself.


I stopped by Apple Store quickly to check where Mount Vermon Library was and I cut across FAO Schartz to exit by store cafe close to Madison Av/58th St, but missed M4, but I got on M1 Harlem #6694 departed Madison Av/58th St @ 15:00, arrived at Madison Av/83rd St @ 15:13.

Total time on Bus: 13 minutes.


After I got my lunch, Peanut Butter Sandwitch, three Honest Tea and cupcake/cookie to go, I went to 84th St/5th Av.

I got on M86 Yorkville #5467 departed 84th St/5th Av @ 15:44, arrived 86th St/Lexington Av @ 15:48.

Total time on Bus: 4 minutes.


Next, I got on Eastchester-Dyre Av-bound (5) #6405 departed 86th St at 15:55, arrived Eastchester-Dyre Av @ 16:34, made to Bee-Line #52 bus.

Total time on Subway: 39 minutes.


Next I got on 14:35 W52 Bronxville #265, friendly male B/O departed Dyre Av/Light St ontime at 16:38, arriving 5th Av/1st St 1 minute late from 16:48 at 16:49.

Total time on BeeLine: 11 minutes.


I went to Mt Vermon Library, however this library wasn't issuing guest pass to use internet which I didn't know, so I stop by at Bee-Line office to get W11 and W42 schedules which I didn't had.


After that, I rush to Prospect Av/3rd Av and waiting for 17:20 W40 White Plains #539 which came and departed ontime at 17:28, another male driver and friendly. I asked him do you stop near White Plains Library and he said yes.

Arrived Martine Av/Court St at 18:12.

Total time on BeeLine: 44 minutes.


With my envelope, I was able to get guess pass to use internet.

After I print my Bee-Line testimony, NICE Bus Survey, and I walk to Westchester County Center because I didn't want to be late.


I met with Adrew Zeiger for first time and Bee-Line representatives told me Richard Stiller (dadbo46) passed away in December 2012, which I didn't know.

After my testimony, I got to Tarrytown Rd/Central Av and I got on 19:40 W13 Port Chester #611 which came and departed ontime at 20:07. From bus, I call my mom I will be home by 21:30, but it didn't work out b/c I didn't check Harlem Line schedule.

I got off at Westchester Mall at 20:17.

Total time on BeeLine: 10 minutes.



I rush to White Plains Whole Foods to get Nsoya Organic Tofu Extra Firm and Grapefruit Juice from Uncle Mott and I rush back to bus stop.


Since #13 Ossining doesn't come until 21:04, I rush to White Plains Apple Store in Westchester Mall to check internet and I had enough fare for Harlem Line.


I got on same male driver on 20:45 W13 Ossinning #611 came and departed ontime at 21:04, arrived White Plains Transit Center at 21:12.

Total time on Bee-Line: 8 minutes.


When I went to White Plains, I didn't know next train was until 21:59. It felt like White Plains was Westbury version less train going into city in reverse peak, but only difference 21:59 was express while local was next one.

I had to call home and told my mom I might get home late around 23:00.


I got on front car of Metro-North's Harlem Line #4144 departed 21:56, arriving Grand Central at 22:29, 5 minutes early.

Total time on MetroNorth: 33 minutes.


Next, I got on front car on Flushing-bound (7) #2090 departed at 22:38, arrived 90th St-Elmhurst Av @ 23:59.

Total time on Subway: 21 minutes.



I even give Bee-Line representative one of NICE System Map and report card issued by LIBR Union.


I asked Andrew if in case Bee-Line buses breakdown, does they sent replacement and Liberty Lines will sent replacement if extra buses are available and they usually do.

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