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New Jersey Transit - Random Thoughts Thread

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17 hours ago, Tranzitfan81 said:

Washington Twp garage is out with the backward assignments again:

This whole week during the evening rush; the 403 and 459 which are EXACT FARE lines have been receiving new 18000s while

Two Full Service MCI lines 406 and 412 are using NABIs.  This evening has been no exception:

403:18044 enroute to Camden

459: 18006 enroute to Voorhees

412:5346 headed towards Glassboro

406: 5357 towards Berlin.

Ironically 5357 was on the 459 earlier in the day.  I wonder why NJ Transit doesn't operate like a lot of the West Coast agencies.  For instance, Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority has their drivers switch shifts at the end of the line. The drivers switch, the relieving driver takes over the bus while the finishing driver usually gets in an agency car or SUV and drives back to the garage. I think that will help with the bus shortage and maybe there wouldn't be so many odd bus assignments. 

If you're talking about reliefs being made along the line, NJT does plenty of that.  Can't speak for South Jersey but up north, just about every garage does that on certain runs, except for Oradell.  

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Not for a lack of trying here, but I saw something saying that the MTA announced that they will replace their diesel trains (15, as announced) on the Port Jervis line with the SC-44 Charger. And before I get grilled on about how that's a MTA issue, yes it is, but NJT operates the line.


So thoughts on seeing the Charger on NJT rails?

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Has anyone been taking NJT bus or rail to Meadowlands to bet on football today in the racetrack's sportsbook?

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