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(AUS)Yes, they are out to get you ... to get you there

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From the Age:

Yes, they are out to get you ... to get you there
  • February 3, 2013
Neil McMahon

IT'S as true in Melbourne as it is in Moscow and Manhattan. Residence of a large metropolis demands certain rituals and obligations, among them the conviction that your city's transport system is a disaster without rival - a mess, a joke, a blight on civilisation


The trains will never run on time, all the time. Few things exercise the populace more keenly; few failures drive us more swiftly to anger and excuses for expletives.

In Melbourne, the people who run and work for Metro Trains know that they will always be hated, and the best they can do is minimise the hostility, while doing their best to tame an innately unwieldy beast.

On a day behind the scenes observing various aspects of the network close up, Fairfax Media went where commuters never go - up front in the cabin with a driver, backstage at Flinders Street with the staff monitoring the system by CCTV, and riding the rails with the officers whose job seems to be to make your life misery if you've forgotten to touch on your myki card.



Cragieburn isn't the only place where trains are maintained. Westall, Bayswater, Newport and the Macaulay light repair centre.

I have had the privilege to of gone upstairs in Flinders Street where the 13th photo was taken. It is an impressive place to be in.

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