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81/120 Routes Need More Service

Jamaica Express

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I've never been a real big fan of buses nor did I ever ride them often until I got to Jersey, now that I've been temporarily displaced in this town of Bayonne, I have to take the bus to get to work, I use the 81X and the 120(on days I don't feel like dealing with taking the Path train)....my question is why hasn't there been any service increases for the late buses, the 8:40 AM 81X and the 8:35AM 120 are the last express buses and are always SRO....same with the 7:05 81X in the evening...why don't they add some additional express buses in the evening, like a 7:20 express and maybe a 7:35 express....I know for a fact ridership wouldn't be a problem....also does anyone know if the 9:05 AM bus is an express, on the schedule it shows it skipping Jersey City but its not marked with an X like the other express buses.

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