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openBVE MBTA Green Line Train Project

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Hey guys, I've been downloading and playing different openBVE trains and they're pretty cool, but I was just wondering, how do you create a train in openBVE? What programs might you need? I was thinking that since there are a lot of MTA trains, why not create train from another transit system? I used to live in Boston for a period of time, and I liked to ride the Green Line a lot. I thought it'd be cool if I could create an MBTA Green Line train. I might start with a Type 7, then create a Type 8. I have a couple of questions for the members here:


1) Does anyone here live in the Boston area?

   a) Can you help me record the announcements on the Green Line?

2) Does anyone here have a lot of experience with creating trains with an exterior on openBVE?


The Green Line trains are very special to me because I used to ride them all the time with my grandpa and we used to have a lot of fun. This is a project that I'd be very happy working on. If anybody can help me, I'd really appreciate it. 


Please respond.


Thanks! :)



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You'd need some kind of modeling software, such as blender, and textures...




Yes, I have Blender, but I'm not so good at using it. Is there a tutorial?




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