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S79 Select bus servi

What if? (Staten Island only)

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Like the overcongested thread about what if intersections, this forum is the same idea, but only for SI. 


If you want to post in other boroughs, you should create the north bk, south bk, bx, jamica/rockaways, mid queens, west queens, harlem, mid-manhattan, lower manhattan, and financial district.


Solve these:


Renovation of the entire SI Mall area (richmond rd open, richmond/forest hill open, marsh closed, platinum closed, yukon closed, indipencence closed, ring closed, other mini-streets such as SI Mall dr. are also closed.)

The Mall is closed during this time (don't forget to add additional service to other nearby shopping districts.


Victory blvd closed between jewelett av and forest av


Castleton closed between havenwood and cebra


Hylan closed between midland and clove


WSEXPWY closed from 278 to Veterans EXPWY (reroute 17)


Everything west of richmond road and south of WSP (travis is destroyed, reroute 62) 


Cary av closed


mill rd closed


ND la closed'


South av closed north of teleport


That should be enough

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I think for some reason, he was under the impression that it had to be in Manhattan.


In any case, we could always merge it, or copy & paste it into that thread.


* Victory between Jewett & Forest:

S61 & S62 sent up Jewett & Forest instead of Victory

S66 eliminated


* Castleton between Havenwood & Cebra:

Eastbound, take Castleton-Havenwood-Forest

Westbound, take Forest-Brighton-Castleton


Unless you want to take Brighton Avenue to Jersey Street in both directions, and have them go up that part of Brighton Avenue


* Hylan between Midland & Clove

Northbound, take Hylan-Lincoln-Richmond-West Fingerboard-Clove-Hylan

Southbound, take Hylan-Clove-West Fingerboard-Richmond-Midland-Hylan


* If the WSE has a problem, just have them take Richmond-Arthur Kill


* If Travis is destroyed, you could have buses terminate by Signs Road. (Victory-Arlene-Signs-Victory, layover, and then regular route eastbound). Of course, the simple solution is to terminate at Richmond Avenue (Victory-Richmond-Clifton, layover, and then Clifton-Jones-Victory)


* If by "Cary Avenue", you just mean between Oakland & Clove, then just have the S44 take Henderson-Bement-Castleton-Clove-Post. If you mean both Cary & Post Avenue, just use Port Richmond Avenue instead of Clove.


* If Mill Road is closed, take New Dorp-Hett-Ebbitts, layover by Cedar Grove, and then regular route northbound


* If New Dorp is closed, take Richmond-Amboy-Tysens-Hylan-Ebbitts-Mill, layover, and then take Tysens straight up to Amboy.


* If South is closed north of the Teleport (I assume you mean all the way up to Richmond Terrace), cut the S46 back the Mariners' Harbor PJs (turnaround via Brabant-Lockman-Continental-Grandview, layover, and then take Grandview-Brabant)


For the S40 & S48, have them do a similar reroute to the one they did back in 1998 when they rebuilt the overpass for the railroad tracks. S48 takes Forest-Goethals-Western-Richmond Terrace-Northfield-Arlington Place-Holland Avenue. Eastbound, takes Holland-Richmond Terrace-Western-Gulf-Forest.


The S40 takes Richmond Terrace-Northfield-Arlington-Holland, layover, and then Holland-Richmond Terrace


* If the SI Mall area was closed (which I don't see why Marsh Avenue would really be closed, because there's homes and schools by there), I can't really think of any big shopping centers in that area. I mean, there's strip malls, but that's about it.


I'd just cut the S55/56/79 back to the ETC (I mean, there is a shopping center a couple of blocks east on Arthur Kill that maybe they could be extended to). The S61 would take Merrymount-Richmond Hill-Richmond and terminate at the ETC. The S59/X17/X31 would go straight up Richmond, and the S44 would go straight up Richmond and terminate at the ETC.

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