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Your average MPH while on foot (walking & running)

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Who can't stand tourists when they walk slowly in front of you?  :D This is my case.


This is one thing I think we can all agree on.


Count me in. I thought I was the only one.


Longest I've ever walked was from Queens Plaza Suphin Blvd in Jamaica Queens. Think this was in 1999 or something. Never did that today, I was out of commission for the next two days after pulling that stunt. I did bike up the Grand Concourse from Yankee Stadium to Kingsbridge recently. That was fun.


I'm loling at Dan's comment. There is the theory that humans can run up to 40 MPH but that's about it.

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So SOMBODY had to take the keys to our Honda Accord again while I was sleeping getting ready for the night job, I meant to drive to work, so I had to take the train to get to work. From the BRONX. To BROOKLYN. AT CANARSIE. (Gee thanks alot Kitty <_< )


I was frantically getting to Canarsie in desperation to the site cause I was running late!!!! So here I am off the wonderful (A) train at ENY. Then I see that the countdown clock. What! (L) train to Rockaway Park in 1 min! Oh boy.......


Too crowded on the elevators with schoolkids and we know how dang high the escalator goes up to the BMT platform. So I ran up the dang 7 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG flights of stairs to  the BMT platform. With laptop. With sleeves with diagnostic software...


I'm pretty sure I'm going 4-5MPH because that's my regular sprint speed.


Two cops was on patrol at the mezzazine level with the (L)(J)(Z) . They yell out "THERE HE GOES TO THE FINISH LINE!!!"


Lol. So I did get the (L) in time! Then had to run again to take the :bus_bullet_b82: before the B/O splits on me. Sheesh. I clocked in at 2:57PM. On time baby. Now I'm looking at dual monitors at my desk with remote desktop working and this ticket for a connectivity problem while catching my breath.


Good thing I started a jogging routine a month ago. Let me grab my tylenol......

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About 3-4 MPH. It depends on whether or not I'm in a flat or hilly area. I run at about 6 MPH at best. I'm in better shape than I was in 2013, but not in 2008.

When I enter the city, it takes me about ninety seconds to get from coach to subway, and another one hundred seconds to properly load my MetroCard and use it.

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