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Q Train Run

R62A 1651

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Eveyone started panicing that it wouldnt be so easy to catch a (R)(1)(6)(0) (Q) but you have a much better of catching one then having a chance of catching one earlier one this week. There are (5) sets out there and there and its bound to rise to (7). I had (3) sets today including a the new set (9)(0)(2)(2). Get out there if you guys can as you hav a huge chance to lite up the Brighton Line.


Ill have pics later on but for now i urge you to go to my youtube account as all of athe goods are already up on there.



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WTF taking pics at my station??? :mad::mad::mad:


Anyways nice pics and vid.

Pfft I took my last Brighton Express video there...Who's your problem now? It's me. :(


Nice shots of 9018 and 9019, I bet they smell like plastic...


Door on 8883 already stuck on the (Q) (yes I took this video).

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