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Nice photos!!


Great shots, I really like that first one.


Love the sparks


Nice photos!!!


man, that looks like it was pouring!!!


- Andy


Nice work! I like all the stuff you've posted here from yesterday and it was great hangin' too.


Thanks Fred! Yes, Always great to chill with you!


Excellent....I like the one with the spark and rain SMEE:D


Zachary got the spark on R33 9306 at 225 St while I got the spark on R12 5760.


Pic # 5 is my favorite. All and all Excellent pics!!! Had a blast yesterday.

Gary, it was great seeing you again man! I had fun too!


Nice pics looks like fun shooting pics of that train. Was that train in revenue service? It looks like it on the local track.


Thanks Guys!

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Great photos!!


I was debating about going, but based on the forecast and high temps (and my kids low tolerance for high temps) I passed.


Thanks for the pictures though, they were great.



Paul (:)

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