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Greetings from HK, despite being a little late... Trans-pacific msgs are a bit slow

MTR Admiralty

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My name is Henry and I'm actually in New York. However I'm from Hong Kong.

I'm a junior at Bronx Science and I spend my time either railfanning or reading stuff about the system.

I've mastered the NYCT subway system and am particularly interested in the expansion of the network.

I go by the handle of R160 8818 on Subchat and have been lurking on NYCTF for a while.


I have my own alphabet code (the systematic substitution of Latin letters with English names) I use regularly on both Subchat and this.

(A) Adrian

(:) Brian

(C) Charlie

(D) Diana

(E) Emily

(F) Fiona

(G) George

(H) Henry (for Rockaway Shuttle)

(J) Janet

(K) Kris (i use it for the Lefferts line)

(L) Liana

(M) Miranda

(N) Nicholas

(Q) Quincy

(R) Rachel

(S) Sherman (for the Franklin Shuttle)

(T) Tom (SAS)

(V) Veronica

(W) Willy

(Z) Zoe

I'm putting this here so you won't be confused when your reading my posts.


So here I am!

Yes, this post IS rather late, since I preferred posting on other forums first.

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Welcome to NYCTF and I love the list:D


ur welcomed 2 use it!

i based the "genders" from the yards the trains are based at

pitkin/207 trains are male

east new york trains are female

jamaica trains are female

coney island trains are male

and concourse is female

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