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How long would it take to fix Museum Buses?


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As a Bus Enthuisiast I am curious to find out how long it might take for

New York City Transit's Bus Maintenance to overhaul those defective Museum Buses like the former NYCTA 1956 Mack Bus #6259 and 1963 GMC 5303 model

bus #3758?

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From what ive heard the TA is plans to overhaul the museum buses that need one. However its bus at a time, it will take a while.


I heard somewhere that after last years 2007 NYC Transit Bus Fest,

Museum 1963 GMC 5303 model bus #3758 had been taken off the road, and had the frames around the front lights removed along with the GM decal.

So this means that this reknown 5303 Fishbowl needs major work?

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