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GM Classics

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The two buses photographed in these shots are ex-TTC 6221 and 6223. They are the two GM Classics which just won't head to the scrap heap.


They were pulled from service at some point in 2009 and moved to the TTC's newly built division, Mount Dennis, for usage as shuttles on the Toronto Islands. By September 2010, they were put out of service and stored in a lot next to the garage. Officially, they were off the TTC's roster by February 2012, but it didn't end there - in April 2013 they were picked up by Belka, a youth centre for people living in poor communities, and parked in a parking lot behind a school. These people also own an ex-Montreal GM New Look and a Flyer D901, although unfortunately I didn't see them today.


Here they are in the lot next to Mount Dennis. I was glad to get this photo, thanks to my dad's camera... at the time of its retirement 6221 was the only Classic with a GM plate:




That was in October 2011. Here are the buses in the school lot a few hours ago... they've had their logos and numbers taken off, and, unfortunately, the GM plate too. But I can't say I never got any photos of these buses with the decorations.





(The bus on the right is 6221. If you look closely at the area under its windshield, you can still see an outline of the GM plate and TTC logo. Additionally, above the driver's window there is an outline of its old number).




The remains of 6221's number.






They seem to have done a lot better job with getting rid of 6223's numbers than 6221's. But I'm not complaining!


There is one other yard where Belka supposedly stores their vehicles and I'll see if they're still there next Friday.

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