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Messy situation at Pelham Bay

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I've noticed that around Pelham Bay the Bx12 bus gets into messy stop situations rather frequently. Just to inform folks there are 3 separate stops for Bx12 buses along Amendola Place (the small street adjacent the (6) entrance). The one furthest from the subway entrance is for Inwood bound +SBS buses, and the one closest to the entrance is for Co-op bound +Select buses and in between is the terminal for the local. What happens quite a bit is that local buses bunch coming into Pelham Bay which leaves 2 (sometimes 3) buses having to stop in a space meant for one. B/O's usually drop off passengers at the Co-op +SBS stop if they are the trail in such a case. That's not the real problem. In many cases when this happens (it doesn't even require bunching) the parked local buses refuse to move out of the +SBS stop which I find rather amusing because there is plenty of space around Pelham Bay to park a couple of buses. This has resulted in many Co-op bound +SBS buses having to drop off and pick up passengers in the middle of the street blocking other traffic. If an Inwood bound +SBS is trying to get to it's stop the blocked traffic can affect it as well. To make matters worse there have been +SBS buses which come into Pelham Bay bunched meaning now more than one bus has to compete for the one lane of traffic on Amendola Place to make a stop. 


I just find it ridiculous that traffic and the Bx12 +SBS route has to be affected by the silliness of operators on the local. I just wanted to share this and see what any responses could be.

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