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A giant map of NYCT and MTAB frequent services.

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Add the B9 to the map...


Sorry bout that - for some reason the MTA Bus Notes lists it as a route that runs every 12 minutes midday, even though the schedule lists headways of nine minutes during the weekday. Added to the to-do list!


(For future reference, I used the MTA Bus Notes on the back of the current bus maps as a reference, since checking each and every MTA bus schedule would be ridiculously labor intensive, so there may be slight discrepancies not shown on the map.)

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This is a new version of a map that I used to host on an older blog. I’ve redone it to look cleaner (the older version was very disorganized), cleaned up major sections of it (Northern Queens, Southern Brooklyn, the South Bronx, Woodlawn, and Jamaica were all redone to be more geographically accurate and clear to read), and included street labels. All “frequent routes" now have their own individual lines, and less frequent branches of these routes are now shown.


(Before anyone asks, Staten Island isn’t on the map because only one route in the borough qualifies, and because adding in another borough would only make this map bigger than it already is.)


Any feedback would be helpful! Since this is such a large map, there may be typos or misleading information lying around (mislabeled streets or bus numbers). These are also based on the MTA bus “Service Notes" in the back, which aren’t the most reliable source of scheduling information. See a route that should be on here? Tell me and I’ll check it out (and possibly add it!)


Also, please don’t try and print these out to use (or sell them commercially, because that would make me sad because I’m providing this as a free resource and you’re making money off the hard work of a 17 year old :( ). Even if you tried, at 100% zoom the map is 10 feet high and 8 feet wide. This really isn’t designed to be used all at  once - I might make a smaller borough map for each borough later. These  maps will also probably be updated every six months, so keep tabs on it!


My next project will probably be to make an express bus map or redesign the horrid looking MTA schedules.

One last reminder to leave feedback - let me know what you think, and if I’ve made any errors!

Full map available here.

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