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Joel Up Front

"Limited" Internet connection

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This has been going on for years now but every once in a while my router will just drop my wi-fi and never reconnect.  Sometimes just "forgetting" the settings for the network and re-entering my WEP key works; otherwise I have to reset the router only for that stupid little triangle to reappear in my Task Bar.  When I used my old XP desktop, this would never happen, but once I got my first laptop in 2009 with Vista, my Internet would randomly start dropping for no reason.  I did buy a new router in February which can actually handle the 25/5 speed I'm supposed to get but I still see this issue pop up from time to time.

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Have you considered the Wi-Fi card within your laptop as a cause for the signal dropping?


Open up your computer and take a look at your wifi card. It should look along the lines of this: http://img.hexus.net/v2/lifestyle/news/intel/kedronfront2_tn.jpg



If you are not experienced with computers i DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU OPEN YOUR LAPTOP. If you do and you fry your computer, dont come to me and whine, I warned you.


If you do want to surge ahead and open up the computer, grab a metal chair and hold on to it or get one of those anti-static wristbands.


Best of luck!!

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