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Summary of 2013 LIBRU Campaign

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Long Island Bus Riders' Union is an organization of Nassau County bus riders and public transit advocates that supports affordable, equitable, and accessible mass transportation. Bus riders should not be left to worry that they will be stranded without bus service. We should not have to worry about fare increases and service cuts. We should not have to choose between food and a bus pass, or be forced to drop out of school because no buses will take us there.

(LIBRU is also working with TWU Local 252, Tri-State Campaign, Straphangers Campaigns, Riders Rebellion and Riders Alliance)




January 2013

  • MTA raises the MetroCard fare, Nassau proposes fare hike of their own
  • Public hearings on January 10th, 2013 to announce proposal
  • Nassau County considers raising the fares upon recommendation from NICE.
  • BRU starts a campaign to oppose the fare hike: 73% of NICE riders use MetroCard, and about 25% transfer to MTA buses or subways, Newsday, January 11th, 2013


February 2013

  • Transit Advisory Committee (TAC) plans to vote on a fare hike,
  • Because of the pressure from the LIBRU, Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano advises the TAC to keep the same fare for cash-paying riders.
  • TAC votes for the fare hike for MetroCard users only- Bus' Riders Union wins a pay freeze for cash bus riders!
  • LIBRU hosts a Public Forum from which a report is released highlighting the concerns regarding NICE Bus.


March 2013

  • Fare hike goes into effect for MetroCard users.
  • LIBRU encourages riders to pay cash if staying within Nassau borders.
  • LIBRU plans N6 bus tour with Legi. Carrie Solages.
  • LIBRU launches Fix the N6 campaign to expose issues such as overcrowding and the need for more local buses, especailly in Elmont.
  • LIBRU makes new complains regarding the lack of audible announcements
  • LIBRU and Leg. Solages wins a new stop in Elmont.
  • NICE increases service on 10 busiest routes including the N6.


April 2013

  • LIBRU and other transit advocates push the Suffolk County Legislature to use $2 Million increase in STOA for Sunday bus service.
  • Suffolk County approves a $1 fare hike SCAT users.


May 2013

  • Suffolk County Legislature votes for the expansion of Sunday bus service.
  • LIBRU brings attention to buses leaving early.


June 2013

  • Next schedule changes June 23rd, 2013.



Even thought we have been successful, we still need to work on:

  • ADA Violations
  • Overcrowidng of buses
  • Increase quantity and quality of service



  • Is your congregation close a bus stop?
  • Do you have members of your congregation that use/need public transportation? Does anyone use Able-Ride?
  • Fill out incident reports
  • Link us with your congregation.


Only 4 out of 6 members showed up because some of our members were busy.

Our disabled and physical blind on wheelchair member couldn't make it.

We have three TWU Local 252, well as former LIB Able-Ride paratransit.



Not on Summary Sheet, but on LIBRU Agenda Sheet

Possible TAC Meeting on June 18th, 2013.


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